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Today we receive 5X as much information as we did in 1986. Making your data story stand out has never been more important. Use our Data Storytelling Handbook to easily transform your data into knowledge.

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How to make your visualizations more compelling

“The more you leave out, the more you highlight what you leave in.”

Learn how to choose your visual cues: Selection or Grouping, Measurement, Ordering, and steps.

Know your asset choices, should you use a Bar Chart, Stacked Chart, or Box Plot?

Learn how geographical information and maps like Choropleth Charts, Geo Bubble Charts and ESRI work.

Create or leverage visualization Extensions created by partners and developers.

Learn why you should avoid pie charts and three- dimensional chart types.

Learn how quantitative analysis can be performed with charts that use only four kinds of objects.

Visualization is essential

Colour visuals increase the willingness to read by 80%

It takes less than 1/10 of a second to get the sense of a visual scene

90% of the world’s data has been created in the past 2 years

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